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SEO results, 4th March 2010

We were contacted in early March 2010 by the owners of the website, with a request to increase their visibility and prominence in the search engines and increase their sales of dog cages.

The images shows results from Alexa. Alexa keep statistics on the top 20 million web sites.

This image is a screen-grab saved on the 4th March 2010 and shows the Dog Cages 2 U website was the 7,793,053 most visited website in the world, and it was predicted to fall to the 11,972,865 position in the coming months.

Our task is simple, reverse the trend, so the website never drops to the predicted 11.97 millionth position, and using our unique methodology, attempt to achieve an Alexa position in the top 1.5 million website, which would prove we have the ability to achive the desired SEO results.

How are we doing? We will post updated screen grabs of the current Alexa position periodically, see the SEO results positions we have achieved for the selected keywords and keyword phrases.

12 March 2010
Dog Cages 2 U position, 12th March 2010

The image on the left shows that we have reversed the forecasted downward trend indicated in the image above.

From the starting position of 7.8 million and with the trend indicating that they would shortly be falling to around the 12 millionth position we have managed to achieve for them a 3 month average position of just over 4 million, after a rise of almost 2.6 million positions!

In the shorter term, the 1 month average shows a rise of over 8 million positions to a position just under 2.4 million. We are well on target of achieving a position in the desired 1.5 million most visited websites. These are the kind of seo results we like.

17 March 2010
Alexa SEO results 17th March

Getting closer to achieving our agreed target and getting the website in the top 1.5 million websites, from a starting position of 7.8 million.

Up from the 4.05 million shown above, and now the moving average is 2.77 million, and the projected 1 month moving average shows a projected position of 1.39 million, 100,000 above our target.

26 March 2010
Alexa Rankings, SEO results 26th March

The three month moving average is getting closer to the 1.5 million target, at 1.727 million.

The one month average shows an average of 741,000, so achieving the required position in the top 1.5 million websites now looks like a waiting game. An increase of 12 million Alexa traffic rank places in a month! Outstanding SEO results do not happen accidently, they need to be engineered.

30 March 2010
Alexa Rankings 30th March

SEO results achieved and in only a few weeks. The figures show a rise of over 12,000,000 places in the preceding month, and the 3 month average is 1.428 million, excellent seo results, and a further vindication of our methodology.

A website consisting of 12 pages, only 8 of which are product pages, with a small target audience, achieving its target postion so quickly, and it has moved up from over being over 200,000 in the UK most popular websites, to being in the top 26,000.

20 April 2010
Seo results, Alexa Traffic Rank 20th April

The Alexa Traffic Rank is now under 900,000 up more than 12 million in the world and it has broken into the top 20,000 websites in the UK.

With eight product pages, the site now has over 170 page one results on See more details and SEO results here.

The number of SEO results achieved and their positions continue to improve weekly.

5th May 2010
Traffic rank, just over 671,000

The Alexa Traffic Rank is now just over 671,000

The one month Alexa traffic rank figure is around 471,000, up more than 43,000 so there is a chance of the three month average breaking 500,000, 1 million above our original target.

19th May 2010
19th May Traffic Rank

The Alexa Traffic Rank is now 548,469

The one month Alexa traffic rank figure is around 434,000, up nearly 38,000.

The three month average shows an increase of over 8 million positions. Satisfying SEO results.

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